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Intraclient Accenta - is the thin-client web/server alternative to Accxon WEB. Accenta is a C++ system with powerful SQL Server at the back end. Users don't need to buy SQL Server or have a database server at their end.

Accenta for Small and Medium Businesses and Manufacturers

The Choice for Smart Businesses

Accenta for Small and Medium Businesses (Accenta for SMB) delivers easy-to-use, intuitive software that empowers small and growing businesses. Its intelligent data screen design and powerful analysis tools give senior and middle management full control of company information and activities. The 9 modules covering general accounting, inventory, component manufacturing and job costing and other unique features, such as multi-currency accounting help managers overcome the challenges that small and medium businesses face.

Using open standards, Accenta for SMB easily integrates with other systems. Intraclients Softnet QEAi allows specific and general integration across the enterprise and adding workflow technology to the accounting process. As a result, data can be exchanged easily between applications and between people in various departments. This close integration opens up new dimensions to other business management systems and also shortens the learning curve, as users don't have to study new tools to do traditional analysis and marketing tasks.

Accenta for SMB is part of Accenta’s Smart Business and Manufacturing Solutions initiative. This new program addresses distinct segments of the small and medium business market based on the degree of IT sophistication customers require with regard to industry- and customer-specific application functionality.

Simply download Accenta to your pc. It's a small 6MB download. Follow the steps and set up the IP Link to our secure webserver to ascertain you Click here for more information needs can be fulfilled by Accenta. It's as easy $99 a month. You get your own Accenta dedicated server, secure. Your access your secure server only through those client-side computers you install accenta on. Additional security is provided by firewalls, user and password controls.

Accenta is yours free to use for a limited time. Just send an email to informing her that you are using Accenta. She will return back the IP address for you to access the system. When you are ready to begin a secure and private access will be made available for your business alone.
The Accenta system is a mid-range powerful financial and ERP system and is as robust and functional as Great Plains, Solomon, MySAP and PeopleSoft. The only difference is that it is FREE to start with and cost effective by thousands of dollars when delivering all the benefits of all the other ERP systems available.

Before Launching Accenta you must install the program on your system. The ip address to access the database on the web will be emailed to you. Follow the Readusr.txt file carefully.

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Intraclient Networks Corpn. is the applications infrastructure provider and enterprise application integrator.

Using the Intraclient applications, ASPs can further work together with Intraclient and build custom features and interfaces for individual clients.

Intraclient's expertise in web based applications helps web applicaton developers build vertical sockets to their applications to give to their customers the best of breed systems with industrial strength stability.

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