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 Intraclient Worldwide  Blackmont

At Intraclient, we strive to lead in the creation and development of the industry's most advanced knowledge based and information technologies.

Our Intraclient solutions and application specific appliances translate into business value for our customers.

Intraclient develops cloud computing solutions for real-time enterprise needs. The company's systems range from cloud computing applications to application specific appliances (intraclients), building platforms and integrating enterprise business processes.

Intraclient's education platform, and software builds and deploys education systems that improve performance by 1% per hour of instruction. Intraclient works with governments to initiate centers for excellence in education technology.

With its invention of the transportable music player, (aka Walkman) to its discoveries in education technology, pioneering application specific appliances and as the forerunners in (ASP) cloud computing, Intraclient brings foresight into providing technology solutions that work.


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Corporate Information  
Intraclient Corp. USA, California

Marshall Childs, Vice President Operations
Intraclient Hong Kong
Tay Tat Kuan, Vice President,
Intraclient Singapore
Intraclient Canada, Vancouver
Intraclient Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur
Intraclient China, Qingdao
Intraclient Arabia, Abu Dhabi
Prakash Shuklr, Vice President
Intraclient Kingdom, Riyadh
Intraclient India, Mumbai
Sunil Nair, Vice President , Operations/Director
Intraclient E.Europe, Khazakstan, Almaty
Intraclient Europe, Spain, Madrid
Intraclient S.Americas, Bolivia

Intraclient Corp.
Mountain View,
California 94041

Send mail to:
P O Box 1662
Palo Alto,
CA 94302, USA


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