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IEP Water Systems 1&2
Water stream 5

Water -stream 4
Water Educationl
Streams (hand-held)

Water 8


Water Education Streams Analytics
and student data

Water System 6.
The Global standard for Education Improvement.
The Teacher is not the reason students fail.
The teacher is already trained & part of the solution.

Water System 6 - Real-time analytics forsuccess.

The Leaders 2.0

Corporate Management Training

to build leadeship skills...Maximize your internal infrastructure
so leadership is designed into your organization. Integrate leadership skills within the environment.
  • Read about the Leadership2.0 seminar

    Apple Hawk The Leaders and the enterprise

    • Wordplay + Path to Math + Wemsnet:<br><h3> The New Administration Real Time Experience

      'Wordplay + Path to Math + Wemsnet:
      The New Administration Real Time Experience'

      How you can make informed decisions based on real-time data-driven insights? How you can get TOEFL & IELTS results up 30%?

      'British Council + Afghan Training Failure
      'The US Experience with British Council in Afghanistan'


    • Global confluence

      Learn about global confluence and how to avoid it.

      When the Water solution really makes sense.
      100,000 students have attended Water courses.
      The Waterford College of English Studies has allowed thousands to reach TOEFL imperatives.

    • Signal & Noise & Big data

      Apple Hawk management series and the enterprise.
      A perspective on management and innovation in big data.

      A seminar on big data: Own Your Future combined with Signal & Noise.

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