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Implementing and re-building new web strategies involves re-accessing the technical and business reasons for the web presence, its infrastructure and the core business of the corporation. These lead to building real-time processes, re-focusing e-business and shaping integration. Their impact on the bottom line has been reported extensively by IDC and the Gartner Group.


Today's executives are preoccupied with a mandate to grow shareholder value. They face four key challenges:


         Growing Revenues and how to create new strategies to further growth.

         Reducing Costs and how to improve financial performance.

         Enhancing Productivity and how to streamline returns on technology

         Investing in Technology and in the future

         How to define an integrated business and technology strategy.


E-commerce and business process integration technologies have continued to evolve from products originally created during the dot-com growth era and in data mining, e-commerce, b2b initiatives and business process management. Solutions and strategies were developed to fit criteria and categories prevalent during the advent and growth of each category, re-packaged to encompass new needs as they arose.


In the process, the complexity and redundancy has multiplied. This has regressed planned strategic goals and heightened complexity at both the fundamental technology, and business process levels, contributing to sweeping losses in current e-commerce models.


E-commerce initiatives need to be remodeled to be viable. Intraclient works with management to re-focus the web site while establishing fundamentals found within the core expertise of the enterprise.


Management re-focuses the direction of the website. Intraclient gets web based organizations to achieve maximum exposure with a view to achieving profitability and an exit strategy. This could be in many forms including an IPO, consolidation, merger or acquisition. Dot-com operations cannot pursue certain types of exit in view of the dot-com image in the financial markets. An overhaul of operations and re-channeling the corporation to have this access is a major challenge. Intraclient can help you do this.


Value of Connectivity


Integration puts Metcalfe's Law to work. The value of connectivity multiples through better information sharing, improved economies of scale and creating streamlined processes and new applications.


The challenge is in putting the new technology in place and making it work. (Metcalfe's Law: The value of a network increases by the square of the number of connections).


Real-time processing directly impacts productivity and adds to the ability to survive the 21st century. Technology based real time solutions compress to zero the time it takes to get and use information, to learn, to make decisions, initiate action, to deploy resources, to innovate.


Understanding and evaluating core business assets and aligning these with web initiatives re-builds the web business into a stable profitable enterprise. The core is identified and strategies developed using data available on areas where the web business has worked or failed. Where permitted partners KPMG Consulting or Deloitte Consulting work with Intraclient to reach consensus on the approach and path to initiate, with management approval.


Intraclient will identify niche areas in your operations;

         Create and Merge these for e-commerce

         Cut costs of operation

         Establish areas of unique expertise

         Plan a general promotion bias

         Update/Upgrade web site functionality

         Provide Continuing support

         Plan and implement logistics

         Integrate business processes


Java technology, open source software, internet protocols and application connectors provide the components that answer the needs for system integration and real time processing. Intraclient's breakthrough technology brings these components together building client-specific needs efficiently.


The use of modular components embedded in the process while developing the client-specific system makes it possible to achieve ease of implementation, maintains flexibility, limits complexity, makes it easier to address security issues, calls for minimal user training requirements and allows integration of b2b commerce and internal business processes without initiating separate paradigms.


As corporations build business connections and integrate internal business processes, the need for the web and legacy systems to work together has grown stronger.


Intraclient QEAi is used to position integrated business processes within existing frameworks quickly and efficiently working in relation to the overall cost of the business process and the cost saved per transaction.


Connectivity to other processes as integration needs expand further enables Metcalfe's Law without a detrimental squaring of integration costs since each process integrated is a component within the general system unlike existing methods where a component is either unrelated to the general system, or is so large that it usurps the system.


The QEAi application designs and builds dynamic distributed business processes and integrates applications and technologies. Some of the features include ready-made objects that contain built in integration, workflow and system properties. These objects create an integrated application the core of which is the extraordinary method of the innovative proprietary forms metaphor. Workflow and routing is embedded.



Total solution



Intraclient builds the foundation for ecommerce, b2b and business process real-time integration and delivery. Our offering includes re-assessment of web business strategies, integration and system planning and consulting, transaction server development and installation, architecture and design, custom development, implementation and deployment, on-going maintenance and service, and continuing extensions of our core expertise to address the continuing needs of our customers.


Our services are currently offered to North America, Europe and Australia out of our Palo Alto offices and soon out of New York. Our Sydney operations began in 2002 which will be followed by an European presence in London. Most of our employees have advanced degrees and substantial expertise in management, systems architecture and design


Besides the partners that address our adaptor and connector needs, major partnerships are forged with Unisys, HP and IBM.


We also maintain relationships with resellers, professional service organizations, management consultants and system integrators, like KPMG and Deloitte Consulting.


We provide maintenance and support services to our customers 7 x 24.


To measure, implement and integrate diverse applications and web-based business processes depends on the scope of utilization of existing conditions, and understanding core expertise, implementation and integration complexities of the business processes involved.


Intraclient QEAi seamlessly interfaces with best of class leaders - IBM WebSphere, BEA and Tomcat for dynamic and secure transactional processing and internet communication. Enterprise applications can be integrated, business to business trading partners can be linked, internal business processes can be streamlined, and new polling and collaboration systems can be setup. Diverse systems handling inventory management, order processing, supply chain management, customer relationship management, procurement and settlement, and e-based human resource processing can be integrated to the overall web vision effectively and efficiently while growing the e-commerce organization.





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