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    Street Science involves the design of cities and the design of city streets within the framework of drones.. Streets are some of the most valuable resources that a city has, and yet it's an asset that's largely hidden in plain sight. And the lesson from New York over the past six years is that you can update this asset. You just need to look at them a little differently with drones in mind.

    This is important because we live in an urban age. For the first time in history, most people live in cities, and the U.N. estimates that over the next 40 years, and the technology of drone use will change tehe cities. So the design of cities is a key issue for our future.

    For many cities, our streets have been in a kind of suspended animation for generations. Not much has changed in 50 years. So we work hard to refocus the agenda.

    We help set out a clear action plan with goals and benchmarks for drone pathways.

    Just reimagine your streets.
    The drones are coming! Plan now with Intraclient.

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