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Intraclient application development tools deliver the industry's broadest support for JavaŽ 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE), Web services, XML, HTML, site design, voice, and pervasive.

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Accenta ERP Client/Server Intranet System
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  • Intraclient Accenta is an intranet/internet based client-webserver ERP/Financial appliance for general finance, inventory control and ecommerce. It supports MSSQL and MySQL at the backend. Accenta is network secure and workgroups oriented offering a powerful and easy to use financial and inventory control solution for manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers.
    Accenta has a patented screen look and feel unsurpassed in the industry. Eessential financial and inventory accounting modules are right on one screen. Easy to use. Easy to train. Accenta is integrated with ready-made reports with customizable changes using R&R Report Writer. The built-in Incixion module facilitates drill down reporting. Intraclient's Softnet/QEAi product with Intraclient Accenta integrates shopping carts and online catalogs working together seamlessly.
    A Financial Re-engineering Solution
    Accenta is the solution for a robust web based server architecture with a interface that's simplicity itself - no loss of system or software power, but with added benefits of an open data path and remote access capabilities. Connections are via secure ODBC. Each corporation gets its own dedicated server. No sharing.
    It's the smallest client footprint in the industry because it's the only complete high level C++ system anywhere.
    Quick Books users wanting a robust, professional system; Great Plains and Solomon users wanting to shift away from slow cumbersome systems; Oracle and PeopleSoft users who want the same power but not the same prices, are moving to Accenta.
    This is not a browser based system. Query by SQL allows linking to other decision support systems for better business decision support. The foundation system gets you 9 powerful financial modules!

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