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Document Retrieval Solutions for the Legal Profession
Scan and Retrieve Documents over the Web

Fido/Filefast is a network and a web enabled document imaging and management system that is simplicity itself. It is highly effective. When entering data into accounting software bookkeepers for instance, look at documents. They then file these documents. To retrieve them they have to search filing cabinets and by hand extract required folders and the actual documents. Now with Fido/Filefast simply open the cabinets, folders and document files electronically and scan them into Fido/Filefast. Retrieval is easy. Markup and annotation is easy. Fido/Filefast makes it simpler to keep documents and see them when you need them. Open case files. One case file for all your telephone company bills, sorted by month and phone numbers. One case file for courier company bills. OPEN UP TO FIVE CASE FILES FREE!

If you're interested in learning what Filefast can do for your self and your clients, chances are you'll find what you're looking for. Fido/Filefast is the only practical document imaging and filing system there is. Store your scanned images on the web or with your ISP's data center. Retrieve them when you want. Or set up your own client server network.

Using Fido/Filefast, procedures to computerize paper filing, retrieving and work flow become easy and fast.

Simply scan all paper documents into a Document Entry Server.

All electronic documents can be linked to Fido/Filefast including faxes, Word for Windows, Excel and other digitized formats.

Search documents with the Fido/Filefast Query Engine.

With the Fido/Filefast all-on-one-screen Filemanager interface, you can search, retrieve, view and communicate easily.

Using procedures at setup time, Fido/Filefast automatically files all scanned and electronically created documents into cabinets, directories, folders and files, and validates the filing.

View thumbnails and create your own set of documents from multi-files and multi-folders that you need to view on the screen.

Move from one document to another to annotate and markup.

Fido/Filefast supports scanners, optical drives and jukeboxes.

Supported Scanners
All TWAIN-compatible and ISIS

“After I scan documents, where do I file it. In Microsoft Briefcase? Even my wife won't be able to find it.” – PJM, VP Engineering, DocuPort Inc makers of Chameleon scanners.

Older document management programs are ... “infantile.
The programs were developed in the early stages of scanning. They are inadequate.” – JW, Xerox Corporation. information from
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