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Intraclient application development tools deliver the industry's broadest support for Java« 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE), Web services, XML, HTML, site design, voice, and pervasive.

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Clearwater Video System
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  • Web Conferencing that is Secure and Affordable
  • Making Distance Obsolete
  • Quality is everything.

    Clearwater video conferencing is delivered with the best customer service. Whether you need a simple four-site videoconference, a high-impact global event, a worldwide video-endpoints installation or the use of a public video room far away from homeŚ Clearwater is the only global conferencing provider who can offer all of these services at the high level of service you expect at a cost you don't have to care about.

    Our comprehensive platform of video solutions provides you with a one-stop shop for point-to-point and multipoint bridging, room management, maintenance and much more. Significant global port capacity and true global infrastructure provide the most cost-effective solution. And the most flexible. Easy-to-use video conferencing software.

    A Video conferencing Solution
    If you need better tools to manage growth in your organization, such as expanding to multiple locations, requiring face to face meetings nationally and globally use Clearwater. Simple, Direct. Dedicated no-sharing servers. Secure.

    Integrate with other Baal Communications products
    Simultaneous requirements for teleconferencing, instant messaging and VOIP are seamlessly embedded with Video conferencing.

    A Communications Re-engineering Solution
    With Clearwater, Web Conferencing is now almost universally available. Increasing productivity, directly impacting on costs and changing organization structures effectively. Start with IM and you can envision staff sharing documents and images in real-time across networks as you upgrade to Video. Enterprise-quality offerings are key because older programs not only may be less secure, but are expensive.

    With Baal Communication products these issues are non-starters. The implementation is instant. Cost is very low. Control is within the purview of the corporation. Security is solid.

    Clearwater Video Conferencing is the Solution
    Use This If ....
  • You have more than 20 employees
  • You need unlimited simultaneous users and the highest security limits available. Watch improved performance in support, projects, and other collaborative efforts.
  • You need better tools to manage growth in your organization such as expanding to multiple locations and moving globally.
    Communications under your control is the key. Start your free trials today. Each corporation gets a dedicated system that is hosted by Intraclient and can be delivered to the corporation at any time.

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