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Intraclient application development tools deliver the industry's broadest support for JavaŽ 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE), Web services, XML, HTML, site design, voice, and pervasive.

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Clearwater Multiprotocol Solution
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  • Multiprotocol Session Controller (MSC) and Multiprotocol Signaling Switch (MSW) is a combined offering thata allows next generation IP service providers to deploy advanced revenue generating applications - route enforcement and the regulation of bandwidth consumption in addition to stateful or stateless SIP proxy services. Multiprotocol allows pstn, g3, gprs, voip integration for a robust, feature rich software solution for real-time interactive voice services and billing, offers a complete suite of service ready applications that provide enhanced services for increased revenue, reduced expenses and better profits. Talking SIP performs real-time call processing via SIP messaging and provides independent, script-controlled interactive voice response (IVR) prompting over real-time transport protocol (RTP) Requiring only an Ethernet LAN 10/100 Mbps connection, Talking SIP eliminates the need to consume costly public switched transport network (PSTN) ports, while offering centralized intelligence to the network.
    A Collaboration Re-engineering Solution
    Talking SIP interacts with callers using pre-recorded voice prompts and performs database access for authentication, authorization and accounting - entirely in software -greatly reducing the cost of the solution. Talking SIP can transfer the caller to another destination, redirecting the voice payload directly through the network while retaining supervision and control of the call. The NexTone Communications line of SIP enabled VoIP Multiprotocol Session Switches (MSW) and Multiprotocol Session Controllers (MSC) bring a rich set of intelligent call routing, media routing, stateful/stateless proxy services and protocol interworking (H.323 & SIP) to next generation service provider networks while greatly simplifying the network architecture and management of globally deployed networks.
    Fast Global Distribution and Connectivity
    Clearwater multiprotocol technology adds an impressive list of features that no next generation, packet based service provider can offer. With sophisticated call and media routing, users have seamless flexibility and power to increase call completion ratios leading to improved staff collaboration, customer satisfaction and network profitability."
    Clearwater Communications make is easy, cost effective and fat.
    Baal Clearwater Communications for your comprehensive communication needs.
    A fully integrated, enterprise communication and collaboration system for regional and global connectivity. Use This If.... You need a real-time multiprotocol system

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