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Unlimited Free Trial

Use Accenta ERP & Clearwater IM.

Get your accounting, data entry and financial administration outsourced with Accenta ERP -
all in one working package - save costs within 30 days, improve
performance instantly.

Our products are delivered by a worldwide network of partner organizations that share
our commitment to lasting customer relationships. We provide personalized, local
service — from installation, to implementation, to ongoing support. For financial and
communication systems come to Intraclient. We help make sure you receive the
business financial and communication solution best suited for your precise needs.

Use Accenta ERP and/or Clearwater IM for an unlimited period.

Up to 25MB free disk space.

SECURE, DEDICATED servers and blades.
Free dependable hosting in North America.

Start with a Demo Date Download Client side programs Walk through the installation
Test the System Switch and Work with Intraclient
Cash Back & Bonus


A2. ODBC Connectivity

Unlimited Usage
Accenta Upto 25MB.
Clearwater undedicated server
Accenta - Free Dedicated Server
2 Users.
Buy Accenta :

With Cash Back $3,500 net.
Plus Free:
Free 1st year hosting,
Free 1st year support
Your server is yours Free
3 user license
Additional licenses $29 per user
Monthly option $399
Waived Cash Back:
Monthly $99
2nd year hosting & support $299
    Buy Clearwater:
With Cash Back Net $2,500
Free 1st year hosting+support
10 user license (adtnl +$9.95)
Shared Server option:

Waived Cash Back:
Monthly $79
2nd year hosting $129
Free Bandwidth
SW Firewall Security
Secured Dedicated IP
Dedicated Password Controled Data Base
    Revenues & Profit:
Grow revenues & profits
Capitalize on the new systems.
Benefit from the change
Innovate throughout the organization
Register & Schedule
Register for your 30-day free trial. Set a date for us to be in contact either via phone or instant messaging.
  Intraclient software are client/web server systems. Access is via internet protocols. These are dedicated servers. One server is assigned to you and to no other corporation once you have signed on. The demo for the ERP system contains dummy data. You can access the system and make whatever changes and tests you want to carry out.

Accenta ERP Registration
Clearwater IM Registration

The I M demo is used by all those scheduled for the demo. Once you sign on your corporation to use the systems, a single server will be assigned that is dedicated to your corporation and no one else. Register now and schedule the demos.

  Sample data provided allows you to use Accenta ERP. Experience the systems as if you already own it.

Install the client
  You can install the client software on any number of computers. Simply go to Downloads. For the ERP system, download Accenta and ODBC. For the IM system, download Clearwater. You don't need to download again when you convert from the demo phase to the working phase. Carry out the unzip and install when our technician is in direct contact with you on your scheduled date.
Free Trial
  The 30-day free trial begins from the scheduled date that you state when you register. Try out Intraclient systems. We will contact you prior to the completion of your trial period to answer any questions you may have.

Switch & Launch your System
  Once you are comforable that Accenta ERP and/or Clearwater IM works for you and your corporation, sign up with Intraclient. We will assign a dedicated server to you. This server will reside in our data centers, protected by a firewall.

At your request the server will be shipped to you or any other location that you require it be at. Secure access to the server is global. Anyone anywhere can be assigned to have access.

Sign Up for the Accenta Outsource Plan.
Save $ $ $
  Sign up with Intraclient. We will assign and register an accountant and a data entry clerk.
Additional staff at your request.
Your cost $1000 a month, sign with HP and receive $10,000 bonus
up front from Intraclient.
Outsourcing saves you money.

On switching your accounts division overseas and working with Accenta you increase performance dramatically. Our partners include major accounting firms and accounting colleges who administer and recruit staff especially for you. Staff trained to use Accenta. Accenta is a secure global ERP system that works wherever you want it to work from. Data entry in one place, reports printed in another, views seen and discussed wherever you make your decisions. Your auditors can be in San Francisco, your HQ in New Jersey, your CFO in Chicago, your accounting admin staff in Bangalore and your people in Los Angeles or Atlanta - - anywhere nationwide. Accenta works for everyone!
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