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Softnet Carnival

is the Data integrator with P2P enabler that allows the movement of data across points.


Softnet Carnival creates the baaldrome system using today's Softnet technologies It's re-changeable pathway using automated softnet carnival to help build the baal-drome network on the fly each time it is needed.This a drone network carrying initially a 2kg payload over distances of 10km at 50km per hour each step of the network. The drones use in-built GPS and fly to intermediate p2p ground recharge stations. Softnet creates the pathway and operates discrete systems allowing thousands of drones and pathways to be in play simultaneously in real-time. These key technologies form baal-drome. The GPS driven drones, normally quads. Softnet using p2p bases maps out the pathways to the ultimate destination via ground stations that the drones fly in and out of, for re-charging, etc. Softnet Carnival operates the networks, creating myriad flight pathways in realtime. And the third is the operating system that manages weather and the whole network .

A. 5 Imperatives of Extraction
B.Data Reduction & Profiling
C.i of Discovery-2-way Analytics
D.Large Array & Transform
E. Strategize
I of Discovery
Planning Strategy & Big Data Use




The only computer program that allows practical use of Chaos Theory in your business


Wolfe Wall, Phd.

Chaos Theory Specialist


Norma Dowler

V.P., Development


Amber Powell

Media Coordinator

Decision Imaging System (DIS) is a powerful business tool that uses Chaos theory to help you analyze past performance and view possible scenarios. With DIS, you look at your business as a system. A business unit is a collection of individual variables. If each variable worked in isolation there would be an infinite amount of possible outcomes within the unit. However each variable in any given system is sub­ject to the other variables that form that system, and together they can create, build or destroy. Just like any other system, (from weather systems to fish populations), your business demonstrates behaviors that can be described with Chaos theory. All systems are sensitive to initial conditions; in other words, the state of a system at any given time depends critically on the conditions present when the system (your business) began. DIS allows you to specify some initial conditions based on your real world information and it creates extrapolated data that you can analyze and use to help make sound decisions.

Decision Imaging System requires:

Microsoft Windows




Intraclient offers a consulting service to assist you in identifying appropriate initial conditions. We can cali­brate your equation for you to ensure you get useful extrapo­lated data. Our team of ex­perts can help you get the most out of DIS.




The first step to using DIS is to obtain a set of data with three variables and then extract the initial conditions that originated the data set. These variables could be the number of sales at an initial launch period, time and total sales. They could be an initial stock price, the volume of the first month and the price change from the first day to the last day of the first month. Every business has its own initial conditions and you can examine any system within your business as long as you can provide the real data and the initial conditions.



Decision Imaging System


DIS takes your initial conditions and iterates these values through a chaos equation to build a chaos-

at­tractor, or strange attractor. A strange attractor is a graphi­cal representation of your iterated data in a 3-dimensional coordinate system. These images all have certain qualities in common; you can look at your image and deter­mine if it looks like a proper attrac­tor image. DIS displays both your data and the strange attractor at the same time; when you point your mouse at a place in the image, DIS highlights the corresponding data points. With some practice, you will be able to "read" the im­ages and develop an intuitive sense of how anomalies in the images correspond to anomalies in your data.



Once you have generated extrapo­lated data with the DIS equation, you may compare it with some real data to see how well the fit is. DIS provides fine-tuning mechanisms that allow you to calibrate and model the equa­tion. Once you are satisfied with how well your data sets match, you can generate a new attractor image. DIS automatically filters data considered noise for you so you can concentrate on meaning­ful numbers.



In addition to displaying attractor images, DIS also displays bifurca­tion maps. Bifurcation maps show a steady state, regions of chaos or areas of period doubling. These displays are helpful for seeing in which state your business is at various times. For example, you can click on a region of chaos in your bifurcation map and DIS will show you what data points correspond to that area of chaos. You can use this knowledge to change some factor in your business to kick you out of a prolonged, undesirable steady state, or you can prepare for an upcom­ing stretch of period doubling.



Organizations must use linear and non-linear graphs

A change in core marketing operations and re-channeling without undesirable feedback
needs pertinent IOD data via myriad access and analytics.
This is a major challenge. Intraclient can add
to your analytics and fact finding processes.
Intraclient can save your future.

A. 5 Imperatives of Extraction
B.Data Reduction & Profiling
C.i of Discovery-2-way Analytics
D.Large Array & Transform
E. Strategize

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