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Intraclient Holdings: Wemsnet Corp,
USA/Hong Kong

Web Apps
China Software Svs Inc

Intraclient Web Apps

Baal Records Ltd UK/Spore
Softnet LADb
Intc Networks USA

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Milkport Report
Street Science
MoMo Search
S W A A L B Ubuntu PC

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Accxon Cloud ERP
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Intraclient Drome Video
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Using Decision Imaging System and Associative Pattern Analysis,
extract relevant data from various data bases
Softnet compiles a Large Array Data Base.

From apps on the cloud, education platforms, data mining and
other software systems including high quality headphone music,
all specifically designed for maximum output and performance
Intraclient uses technology to re-invent world order, not
perpetuate and re-define old ways.

Instead of dumbing-down the future, we need to raise the level
of general understanding to the level of complexity of the systems
in which we are embedded and which are embedded in us. This is
not about "personal stories of inspiration", it's about the difficult and
uncertain work of demystification and reconceptualisation: the hard
stuff that really changes how we think.

At a societal level, the bottom line is if we invest in things that make
us feel good but which don't work, and don't invest in things that
don't make us feel good but which may solve problems, then our fate
is that it will just get harder to feel good about not solving problems.
Dr. Bolton. San Diego

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of Exxon, Coca Cola, Budweiser
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Smart phone direct voice communications. Connect nationally and globally smart-to-smart. Free!!
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